4th Orleans Group Committee

Overview of the Group Committee

Our group committee meets on the third Thursday of each month during the Scouting months (Sep - June). Our meeting start at 7:00pm and are usually finished by 8:30pm. Our committee for the 2010-2011 program year consists of the following:

Position Name
Group Commissioner Sherri Eustace
Treasurer / Funraiser Jennifer Richert Hache
Secretary / Registrar Linda Laprade
Equipment Quartermaster Ian Mollison
Kitchen Quartermaster Patrick Wall
Colony A Fred Anderson
Colony B Steve Hache
Colony C Travis Fiander
Pack A Brian McBurney
Pack B Chris Hines
Dragon Troop Sue Lepine
Company Barbara Hohenstien
Rovers Mike Johnston
Interested parents

If you wish to contact anyone from our group committee, please use the links above.

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